How to Choose the Right ChMS for Your Church

ChMS feature checklistIf your church is in the market for church management software, you’re probably overwhelmed by the wide variety of solutions out there. From open source options to paid solutions, you’ve got a lot of information to wade through.

But before you dive in head first, consider a few questions:

1. What are you trying to accomplish through a ChMS?

Consider your ministry goals and the processes that you’ve established in order to meet them. If your church hasn’t already determined these important factors, you may need to take a step back—name the things you’d like to accomplish and determine the steps you must follow to do so.

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Missional Ministry in Action: Go Beyond 2015

Elexio Go Beyond teamA few weeks ago, Elexio participated for the second year in Go Beyond, a week-long missional initiative here in Lancaster County, PA.

Harvest Bible Chapel of Lancaster launched Go Beyond in 2014, extending their typical Sunday of local service to a full week in order to maximize their impact.

This year, they invited the surrounding community to join them in showing God’s love in practical ways. Twenty different churches—including several of our local church partners—participated, as well as 36 area businesses.

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What Belongs on Your Church Website Homepage

homepageSome church website homepages feature just about every piece of information a visitor could possibly search for, while others look like barren wastelands. So which way is right? What actually should be on this page?

Before you start throwing pictures and calendars and links up on your homepage, consider the overall function of your church website.

Who is your church website for and what is its purpose?

Your website primarily has two audiences: the people who are already a part of your church community and those that are checking you out online before visiting. Which category they fit into will determine what they’re looking for. Your website needs to serve all these people—but especially potential visitors—starting with the homepage.

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Whiteboard: 3 Tips to Make Your Church Teaching More Engaging

In this whiteboard session, Rodney provides three tips to help teachers in the church be more successful at engaging any audience. White Board 8 from Elexio on Vimeo.

Video Transcription:

Hi, welcome to an Elexio Whiteboard. Today, things are different, flipped on their head. If you’ve watched any of our whiteboards before, you know we tend to focus on technology and how does technology need to impact the local church. But today, we’re flipping things around. We’re still talking about the local church. But we’re talking about something that happens pretty regularly there, and that’s speaking to large groups of people. We here at Elexio are volunteers in the churches that we go to, and many of us have the opportunity to speak to large groups of people. It could be 12 fifth graders that make up the large group. It could be the entire congregation.

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How to Get People to Use Your Church Mobile App

Church Mobile AppYour church just launched—or re-launched—its mobile app, but no one seems to be taking advantage of this new tool. Maybe your church community isn’t quite as tech-savvy as you thought they were. Or maybe you’re just having a difficult time getting everyone on board to actually use it. So how do you make sure your church community utilizes this new technology at their fingertips?

1. Explain why they should use it

Don’t just tell people that they should use your new mobile app. Tell them why they should use it. Let them know that it will make event registration or giving much faster and easier for them—and for the staff and volunteers who manage these processes. Explain that it is uniquely available to them anytime, anywhere. If they’re on vacation a thousand miles away, they can catch up on the sermon they missed through your mobile media center. Tell them that it includes some tools like mobile check-in that are only available through your app. And let them know that it will make staying connected with their church family easier with a mobile church directory.

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